National automobile Museum
One of the few attractions of the small town of encamp is a unique national automobile Museum, representing the evolution of vehicles. Located in the city centre, the Museum was created on the basis of private collections and funded by the government of Andorra. The initiators of its Foundation were made by private collectors, fans of autodel and real enthusiasts who were able to send a message to local authorities that has brought wonderful results.

Cars have long held an important place in human life. Transport industry for over a century actively developed, which had a positive impact on modern vehicles. Powerful technological breakthrough has enabled us to achieve tremendous success in the automotive industry. But it is worth noting that the evolution of engineering took place in stages. These periods were displayed at the National motor Museum.

Automobile Museum in the town of encamp demonstrates all of the changes that occurred with vehicles. Visitors to the Museum can see more details about the creation of the first car.

National automobile Museum helps to reveal and preserve its historical heritage is directly associated with the rapidly developing technologies. The authors of the project beat a small Museum and placed a unique and wonderful collection. The Museum contains one of Europe’s largest collections, which consists of 60 motorcycles, 80 cars, 100 bicycles, spare parts, accessories and signage, as well as many miniature copies of rare items. The main attraction of the Museum, and at the same time the most ancient of his exhibit – steam machine Pineta, founded in 1898
National automobile Museum
A unique journey through the National automobile Museum will cause incredible admiration for not only tourists, but also among connoisseurs of vehicles.