The house of the valleys
The house of the valleys is one of the main attractions of Andorra La Vella. This legendary building is located in the heart of the Old quarter, which has long been considered a landmark and symbol of the city.

The three-storey building Houses valleys in the style of rural Catalan architecture, was built in 1580 and originally belonged to a noble and wealthy family of Busquets. The house of the valleys is a medieval Catalan manor house with towers, loopholes, mounted turrets, crenellated walls and steel bars on the Windows. In 1702, the building was purchased by the General Council of Andorra. For three centuries, until the erection of a new building, its walls met the Parliament. During this period the House of the valleys several times rebuilt, until he took a modern look.

In his time the valleys House (Casa de La Vall) simultaneously fit in the chapel of San Armengol, court, prison and a hotel. It is worth noting that the prison was elevated, so there was only the residents of Andorra.

The house of the valleys has a rather austere and ascetic appearance and resembles a fortified castle or a small medieval fortress. Its walls are built of rugged and raw grey stone. The decor here is completely missing. On the one hand to the construction of the adjacent tower of rectangular form with a pitched roof, which also acted as sentinel point and pigeon houses. In the chapel is stored, the flag and the coat of arms of the Principality of Andorra.
The house of the valleys
Today, the House of the valleys is a Museum, the interior of which can see everyone. The asceticism of the interior of the house is in perfect harmony with the General appearance of the building. Inside the house the perimeter of the wooden bench. Particularly interesting by ancient frescoes of the sixteenth century in the main hall, brass candlesticks and old dining room with ancient utensils. On the lower floor of the building is the Hall of justice is the only court in the country, at the second Council Hall and Museum-mail philatelists collection.