Coma Pedrosa
Coma Pedrosa is a picturesque mountain ranges of the Pyrenees, which is located on the territory of La Massana in the North-Western part of the Principality of Andorra.

The fact that the top of the mountain Coma Pedrosa reaches a height 2942 m, making it the high point of this small European country. The nearest settlement, located under the mountain, is a popular tourist destination ski resort of Arinsal.

Regardless of technically complex, mount Coma Pedrosa available for Hiking climbing even for unprepared tourists-skiers. But despite this, the ascent to the mountain long enough, the total time of ascent of the mountain is approximately 4 hours and 30 minutes. And since the elevation ranges from 1580 to 2942 m from the sea level to rise to the top, yet you want to put a lot of effort.

Traditionally the beginning of the pedestrian tourist route is a waterfall Ribal, located at the South-Eastern foot of the mountain. The first kilometre mountain slopes towards the top, and after turns left and goes to the southern slopes of the Coma-Pedrosa along the valley of the same river, past Trout lake. Further tourist route turns North, heading toward scenic lake Estany Negra. The lake trail, turning to the northeast and follow the rocky passage that leads to the peak of the mountain – the highest point of Andorra.
Coma Pedrosa
It should be noted that for people unprepared for such a pedestrian trip, there is an easier way to get to the top of the Coma-Pedrosa. For this you should use the services of a ski lift leading from Arinsal to the Peak of the Negro. But this path may not be so interesting, because he will not be able to enjoy all the scenic beauty of the mountain slopes and the surrounding nature.