La Massana is just 7 km from the capital of Andorra. A private ski area at the resort no lift connects La Massana and PAL ski area, the ski area can be reached by ski bass (10-15 minute drive). The proximity of Andorra La Vella, the road which takes about 10 minutes, allows in addition to local activities (a few restaurants, bars and disco) to have the Metropolitan apres-ski.
How to get

Transport infrastructure — roads, tunnels, gondola and two helipads. Railway station here. Two helipads (one in La Massana, Arinsal in another) offers quick helicopter transfer service from the major cities in Spain and France, as well as the Andorra. There are regular buses for rural and urban trails in the area. The routes cover most areas in Andorra, and also go to Barcelona and Toulouse.

The province of La Massana borders with the neighbouring province of Ordino on the road CG-3 and leads the track CG-3/CG-4. From the capital, Andorra La Vella to La Massana can be reached by rented car to the side of Escaldes and further down the road CG3, to the North about 6 km.

On the road CG-3/CG-4 has two tunnels: the Pont Pla Tunnel about 1.3 km in length was built in 2006 and Sant Antoni Tunnel, a 280-meter, built in 2003. The first tunnel, the Pont Pla, by the way, was voted the best and safest tunnel in Europe. Newly built Dos Valires Tunnel between Anyós and EnCana allowed to shorten the path between these points from 30-45 minutes to 5 minutes.

In La Massana, there are many nice restaurants where you can taste traditional mountain cuisine and serves French and Catalan cuisine in the most contemporary restaurants. In addition, the resort with high attention to culinary traditions and gastronomic art. Here there are three culinary festival in the year: in winter Winter Cuisine Days, Lo Mandongo with pork dishes and La Massana Fogons Gastronomic Days with a truly lovely Andorran menu. Summer gets the festival Flavours of the world.
Entertainments, excursions and sights in La Massana

Church of Sant Iscle and Santa Victoria. The Church was built in Romanesque style, is located in the old centre of La Massana. You can pre-book a tour. Noteworthy is yet another Church, St-Clement-de-PAL. It is also erected in Romanesque style in the 12th century, is located in nearby village of Pahl. Adjacent to the temple is a graceful bell tower, one of the most interesting in Andorra. Before you visit you can book a tour.

Farga Rossell. La Massana or the Centre of processing of iron offers tourists to get acquainted with zhelezovanadievoj industry of the country — the main occupation of the region and most of the local residents. You can learn the history of this industry and how recycled metal many years ago.

It’s worth visiting the comic book Museum, which is located in the plaça de les Fontetes. The Museum regularly holds exhibitions of works by famous artists: Antonio Bernal, Alfonso Font, Philippe Xavier, Ana Miralles, and others. Admission is free.. Finally, you can look at the Ethnographic Museum (Casa Rull Ethnographic Museum) in the town of Sispony.

In the province of La Massana hosts many festivals and holidays