The old town of Andorra La Vella
Andorra La Vella is the capital of Andorra, the history of which begins with the time when in a picturesque mountain valley was founded the most common village. Today this place is called Barry antique, which translates as the Old quarter.

Barry antique – this is the historic center of the city, which, despite rapid economic and tourist development of Andorra La Vella, was able to maintain the spirit of the past and their individuality. Walk along the small squares and narrow cobbled streets lined with ancient stone houses, as well as visiting local shops will allow tourists to explore the history and culture of Andorra.

In the Old town of Andorra La Vella, the time seems to have stood still. In a narrow dead-end streets and alleys felt the spirit of the middle ages. Colorful old two – and three-storey houses of roughly hewn stone, with wooden balconies have a narrow slit window. It’s hard to believe, but in the early twentieth century almost all the inhabitants of Andorra La Vella lived on the territory of the ancient quarter.

In Barry antique are the main attractions of Andorra La Vella. At the entrance to the oldest district of the capital is St. Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom). Due to the fact that the temple was rebuilt several times, from the ancient building of the XII century, designed in the Romanesque style, up to now remained only the apse and part of the wall of the nave.
The old town of Andorra La Vella
While our main domain Barry antique is “the House of the Valleys” (Casa de La Vall) – legendary historic building, built in 1580, Originally the house was owned by a wealthy family Baskets. But in 1702, the building was purchased by the General Council. In 1761 on a three-century house is the official residence of the Andorran Parliament. In appearance, the building resembles a small castle or medieval castle. Next stands the watch tower. Also in the Old town, near the “House of the Valleys” among old granite buildings is the national library.