Ethnographic Museum Casa Rull
Ethnographic Museum Casa Rull is one of the famous cultural attractions of Andorra, which attracts tourists from all over the world. This institution is located in the village Sapone a few kilometers from La Massana.

To save the history of their country Joseph Parish Puigcerda decided to give my old house Casa Rull under the ethnographic Museum. This initiative was supported by the local authorities.

At one time the house Casa Rull, built in the XVII century, was one of the richest houses of the parish of La Massana. In connection with the expansion of the family and its growing needs, the house was remodeled and expanded, added balconies and partially modified the main facade. In the nineteenth century Casa Rull was damaged by fire, during which heavily damaged the attic space. But soon the house was renovated with a partial change of plan.

Four-storey building of the ethnographic Museum has a rectangular shape. The main facade of the Museum is decorated with two sheds. Additional decoration at home are the doors of the main entrance, decorated arch, and three small Windows with wrought iron railings.
Ethnographic Museum Casa Rull
Initially on the first floor there was a balcony, but in the first half of the twentieth century it was dismantled and replaced two Windows, made in the French style. The first floor was intended for business premises. Here was located the shop for tools, meat and wine cellar and a kitchen with two ovens. It was also a space for two bedrooms. On the upper floors climbed the stairs, under the stairs which was a shed. On the second and third floor was a large room, several bedrooms and bathrooms. The upper floors were designed for recreation.

Surviving the interior of the house allows you to feel the spirit of the last countries in the XVII – XVIII century, as well as to plunge into the life of this wealthy family.